What Type of Cabbage Is Used in KFC's Coleslaw Recipe?


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Chopped cabbage, carrots and onions are listed as the vegetables in the ingredients list published at the Kentucky Fried Chicken website. The exact type of cabbage is not specified, but it is most likely green head cabbage.

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Few people have access to KFC's secret recipes, but it's safe to say that Kentucky Fried Chicken uses green head cabbage in its exclusive coleslaw recipe. As far as the particular strain of cabbage, or where it's grown, nobody except select KFC executives know for certain. The KFC company keeps its recipes under lock and key in a secure vault, according to the Today Show,

Other ingredients in KFC coleslaw include sugar, soybean oil, whole eggs, paprika and three kinds of vinegar. Salt and spice are in KFC coleslaw sauce. Proportions are not mentioned in the published ingredients list.

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