What Type of Bottles Are Best for Maple Syrup?

Glass bottles and jars are the most common way to store maple syrup, although plastic and metal containers are also popular. Glass syrup bottles showcase the rich color of pure maple syrup, and these containers often feature decorative, ornate designs. Syrup stored in a glass container may be refrigerated for up to one year without any loss in quality or flavor.

Glass bottles are generally the most expensive storage option for syrup. Canning jars and repurposed glass bottles provide a low-cost alternative, but plastic syrup containers are typically the least expensive choice. Airtight plastic bottles or jars are recommended for freezing syrup. Pure maple syrup may be stored indefinitely in its frozen state. However, plastic is not the best choice for long-term storage of pure maple syrup. A noticeable degradation in quality may occur in as little as three months, even with refrigeration.

Tin containers are the traditional choice for storing maple syrup and remain popular for aesthetic reasons. These cans or jugs often feature rustic designs and attractive labels that enhance the container's traditional appeal. Metal containers are best for short-term storage and are not recommended for freezing or refrigeration. Bulk storage containers are usually metal or plastic. Stainless steel barrels are often preferred by producers, but plastic drums are a cost-effective alternative for bulk syrup storage.