What Is Turmeric Used For?


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Turmeric is an ingredient in curry seasoning mixes, chutneys and mustard pickles as well as many rice, poultry and vegetable dishes. Turmeric is a common substitute for saffron because it costs less.

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What Is Turmeric Used For?
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Turmeric is an Indian seasoning with a dark yellow color. It adds a buttery, bitter taste reminiscent of mustard to foods, as well as a rich golden color. Turmeric also adds color and flavor to many seasoning blends used in Indian cooking. Cooks use a smaller amount of turmeric as a substitute for saffron in recipes because turmeric has a stronger flavor. Turmeric adds flavor to roasted chicken or duck, lends color and spice to salad dressing, and provides an exotic substitute for dry mustard in recipes.

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