Where Is Turmeric Grown?


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Turmeric is a plant grown in, and native to, southeast India, according to Kenneth Setzer for the Miami Herald. It is part of the Zingiberaceae family and grown from a rhizome, similar to ginger. It commonly recognized in the United States as a spice found in curry.

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Where Is Turmeric Grown?
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Turmeric is found in the spice section of grocery stores, but it can sometimes be found for sale in its rhizome form, explains Setzer. Since it is native to India, turmeric can also be grown outdoors in similar climates such as in Florida, or it can grow in synthetic conditions, such as in a greenhouse.

In addition to using turmeric as a way to improve the taste of food, WebMD explains that this plant can also be used for medical benefits. For instance, people often use turmeric to treat heartburn, stomach pain and bloating. Headaches, colds and kidney problems are commonly treated with turmeric. Some even use turmeric on their skin to relieve pain and itching. Research shows that turmeric can also relieve the pain of osteoarthritis. In fact, in one study, turmeric was found to work as well as ibuprofen for osteoarthritis pain. There is also research that shows turmeric can be an effective treatment for an upset stomach.

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