How Is Turkey Bacon Made?

Turkey bacon is made from smoked turkey that is chopped up and reformed into slices. This type of bacon is popular alternative to pork bacon.

Bacon is commonly seen at the breakfast table as a main accompaniment to eggs and toast. However, this meaty dish does not have to be made from pork. Turkey bacon is an alternative that many choose for its lower fat and calorie content.

While pork bacon is traditionally sliced from the fat deposit rich belly of pigs, turkey bacon is not cut intact from the bird. To create turkey bacon, manufacturers much first smoke the whole turkey or parts of the turkey. After smoking, the meat is pulled from the bone and chopped up. The manufacturer mixes the chopped meat with a few other ingredients, like salt, sugar, oil and preservatives. This adds flavor and helps the meat hold together better when formed into slices. After the turkey bacon strips are formed, the slices are placed together and packaged.

While raw pork bacon should not be consumed without cooking, some brands of cured and smoked turkey bacon may be listed as fully cooked on the package. However, it will not firm up or be crisp unless fried or baked at home.