What Are Some Trivia Questions About Candy?

Trivia questions about candy include: what type of candy did archaeologists find in King Tut's tomb; name the Easter candy that required 27 hours to make; what civilization introduced Europeans to chocolate? Ancient Egyptians believed liquorice offered healing powers, which is why there was some in King Tut's tomb.

Before 1954, candy makers hand-piped marshmallow peeps. After the peeps dried, they were hand-painted, taking up to 27 hours to make. The Aztecs introduced Europeans to chocolate when the Spanish arrived in the New World.

Additional trivia candy questions include: in what year did Milton Hershey make his first chocolate bar; which candy bar got its name from a favorite horse; what did the original Milky Way bars tasted like?

In 1900, Milton Hershey created his first chocolate bar in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Snickers was a horse owned by the Mars family. The first Snickers bar made its debut in 1930. Today, it is the number one selling candy bar in the world. M&Ms are the number one selling candy. Malted milk was the original flavor of the Milky Way bar. The Mars company founder thought up the idea while at a malt shop.

As a bonus candy trivia question; how did the Hershey Kiss get its name? While no one is 100 percent sure, most experts believe it was named after the smooching sound the machine makes when creating this piece of chocolate.