What Are Some Traditional Ukrainian Foods?


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Some traditional Ukrainian foods are borsch, varenyky and sychenyky. Borsch is a thick vegetable soup made with beets and has become popular in nearby countries such as Russia. Vernyky are flour dumplings filled with cheese, potatoes, cabbage, meat or fruit. Sychenyky are ground meat patties that are boiled or fried and served with sides such as potatoes, cabbage, buckwheat grits and mushrooms.

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Borsch typically consists of grated beet root stir-fried with tomatoes and added to a soup of onion, carrots, potatoes, fresh cabbage, peppers and other available vegetables. The inclusion of beets gives borsch a distinctive purplish hue. Sour cream and bread are common accompaniments. Many varieties of borsch exist, including some that use meat in the recipe. On Christmas, a meatless borsch is traditionally served.

Varenyky, similar to pierogies, are dumplings made with a flour dough and filled with a variety of fillings, such as cheese, potatoes, cabbage, meat and fish. Other fillings are buckwheat and plum. A typical cheese filling is cottage cheese mixed with sour cream. Some sweet versions of varenyky are served with sour cream and honey.

Sychenyky are ground meat patties that are boiled or fried with bread crumbs. Types of meat such as pork, beef or mutton may be used, alone or in combination.

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