What Are Some Traditional Polish Dishes?


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Some traditional Polish main dishes are pierogi, a stew named bigos, pork schnitzel and the Polish version of cabbage rolls called golabkil. Examples of traditional Polish desserts are Budyn, faworki and kisiel.

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Pierogi, a dumpling with filling, is likely the most well-known Polish dish. Traditional filling combinations include potato and cheddar cheese, potato and onion, and mushroom and sauerkraut. There are also dessert Pierogi which are filled with various berries. Bigos, also known as Polish hunter's stew, is a "must try" for tourists. It consists mainly of cabbage, with sausage, mushrooms, onion, bay leaf, pepper and allspice added. It is cooked over a two-day period.

Golabki are very similar to the Czech Republic's holubce. Leaves of cabbage are filled with a stuffing of meat, onions, rice and spices, then cooked with a tomato sauce. There are also less-common vegetarian versions of golabki. Pork schnitzel is also popular in Poland. Similar to the German version, it is a breaded piece of pork cutlet fried in oil. It is traditionally served with potatoes and a side vegetable or stewed cabbage.

Some traditional Polish desserts are Budyn, a custard-like pudding and fawoarki, which is a fried pastry coated in icing sugar. There is also kisiel, a pudding made of pure fruit juice that is thickened by adding starch.

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