What Are Some Traditional Irish Foods?


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Stew, soda bread, corned beef and cabbage, champ, and colcannon are traditional Irish foods. Other foods commonly served on Irish tables include barmbrack, Dublin coddle and scones.

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What Are Some Traditional Irish Foods?
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Stew is one of the most important dishes in Irish cuisine. Traditional Irish stew includes potatoes, onions, lamb, carrots and bacon. Irish soda bread, another national dish, typically accompanies the stew. Loaves of this crusty bread are studded with raisins and caraway seeds.

Few Irish recipes call for seasonings other than salt and pepper. Corned beef and cabbage, however, is a notable exception. This Irish staple consists of beef brisket and vegetables seasoned with dry mustard, thyme and dried parsley.

Colcannon is a potato and cabbage casserole often served on All Saints' Day. Its principal ingredients are potatoes, kale, cabbage, scallions and butter. Another popular potato dish, champ, consists of mashed unpeeled potatoes mixed with butter, scallions and milk.

Barmbrack is a sweet yeast bread similar to fruitcake. Like colcannon, it is a traditional component of dinner on All Saints' Day. Its ingredients include tea-steeped currants and citrus peels.

Dublin coddle is a hearty meat soup of bacon, onions, sausage and potatoes in an apple cider broth. It also contains garlic, carrots and ground black pepper. Dublin coddle is usually served at midday, accompanied by soda bread.

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