What Is Some Traditional Food for Hondurans?

Traditional food in Honduras includes beans, rice, tortillas, chicken and seafood. Pastelitos de carne, deep-fried pastries filled with meat and rice, is a particular favorite.

Tortillas are an important component of Honduran cuisine and are available for every meal. Hondurans usually have a large breakfast that includes scrambled eggs, beans or refried beans, tortillas, olancho cheese, salty sour cream, avocado and sweet fried plantains. It's common for locally grown coffee to accompany the meal. Vendors sell breakfast baleadas and tamales. Baleadas are flour tortillas, eggs and pickled onions. Tamales are fried corn dough dipped in sour cream.

Sopa de caracol is a popular local soup that's made out of conch, coconut milk, spices, yuca, cilantro and green bananas. Sometimes it includes crab or other seafood. Sopa de frijoles, another type of popular soup, is made out of red beans, green bell peppers, pork rib, onions, yucca, green plantains and coriander.

The carneada is considered the national dish. It's made of meat soaked in soured orange juice and spices. After being grilled, it's topped with salsa, roasted sweet plantains, spicy chorizo, olanchano cheese, refried beans and tortillas.

Hondurans snack on tostones, plantain chips and anafres, which is a dip made of hot black beans and cheese.