What Are Some Traditional Dishes From Portugal?

What Are Some Traditional Dishes From Portugal?

Some traditional dishes from Portugal include bacalhau, grilled sardines, arroz de marisco, caldeirada de peixe, alheiras and tripas. Cheeses, hams, pastries and wine are also very popular in the country.

Fish and seafood are very important in coastal Portuguese cuisine. One of the most popular fish dishes is baclhau, a salted dried cod that can be prepared in a variety of different ways. It can be baked in a pie, grilled, served with boiled egg and olives, baked with cream and potatoes or served with chickpea salad. Arroz de marisco is also very popular on the coast. This dish is made from mixed seafood and rice. Caldeirade de peixe is a type of fish stew that is frequently found around the coast.

Beef and chicken are very popular in Portugal, but pork is the most popular meat in the country. Meat is frequently grilled or roasted. Stews made from meats such as goat and rabbit are common in rural areas.

Alheira is a type of sausage that originated during the Inquisition. As Jewish people did not eat pork, they made sausages out of other meats to imitate Catholic foods. Alheiras are made out of chicken and bread. Tripas is the Portuguese version of tripe and is a very popular organ dish.

For lighter meals, the Portuguese like to eat foods such as tarts, hams and jam. Pastel de nata is a custard tart that is popular all over the country. Presunto is a smoked ham similar to Parma. Portuguese cuisine includes both cured and fresh cheeses that are similar to cottage cheese.

Portugal produces red, rose and white wines. Vinhos verdes is a type of young sparkling wine that is particularly popular when it is in season.