What Are Trader Joe's Locations?

As of 2015, Trader Joe's has more than 400 stores in 43 states across the United States. Specific locations can be found using the "Find a Trader Joe's" link on the TraderJoes.com website. In addition to searching by city/state or zip code, the locations page also offers a PDF listing of all Trader Joe's stores in the U.S.

Trader Joe's was founded in 1958 in by Joe Columbe. However, the chain was called Pronto Markets until 1967, when Columbe renamed the markets after himself. Although the company is now well known for being able to offer affordable, nutrition-conscious products through the proliferation of its own in-house brand, it took decades to tweak the Trader Joe concept.

The initial introduction of the company's own brand of foods that were not commonly found in other supermarkets was in 1972 with the debut of Trader Joe's granola. The company was a leader in introducing environmentally friendly products, with the introduction of re-usable bags and organic juice in the 1970s. Aside from its products, Trader Joe's is also known for its "Frequent Flyer." Part newsletter, part magazine and part weekly circular, the publication's witty and informative content makes it popular with customers.

Trader Joe's is one of the top 75 retailers in the U.S. and is a subsidiary of Aldi, which purchased the company in 1979. Aldi is a chain of budget supermarkets that is headquartered in Germany. Trader Joe's, however, is not publicly traded.