What Toppings Are the Healthiest for a Baked Potato Bar?

The healthiest options for toppings at a baked potato bar include herbs and seasonings that do not contain salt, Greek yogurt, and raw or steamed vegetables. Meat toppings can be healthy if they are not fried and consumed in small portions.

Choosing healthy toppings at a baked potato bar involves considering the overall amount and type of toppings added to the potato as it adds to the eater's diet. For example, while full-fat cheeses can be very unhealthy when consumed in excess on a regular basis, a small amount once a week acts as a healthy source of calcium and other vitamins. Meat toppings are another item that can be unhealthy if consumed in excess. Many baked potato bars include bacon, so someone looking for healthy options should choose bacon substitutes when available because they contain fewer grams of fat per slice.

Greek yogurt is also a healthy topping option for baked potato bars because it contains less fat and more protein than sour cream. Similarly, herbs act as a healthy alternative to toppings such as butter and salt because they do not contain elements harmful to an individual's overall health. Dried rosemary, thyme and sage are great examples of spices that add flavor without adding to the potato's overall sodium content.