What Are the Top Ten Drinking Waters?


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Ten of the top bottled drinking waters are Evian, SmartWater, Voss, Aquafina, Fiji, Perrier, Mountain Valley Spring Water, Volvic, Nestle Pure Life and Hildon. While some ranking lists include other waters as well, those listed here appeared frequently in several top ten lists, as of 2015.

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Evian water comes from a source in France that filters through the Vinzier Plateau's glacial sand over the course of 15 years. SmartWater is vapor-distilled water pulled from the atmosphere. The bottling process adds electrolytes to the water for enhanced taste. Voss water is bottled in southern Norway and is available in both sparkling and still varieties. Aquafina is an American company whose water undergoes a seven-step filtration treatment before bottling. Fiji water is bottled from an aquifer on the island of Viti Levu in Fiji. The water filters through volcanic rock, where it absorbs minerals and electrolytes.

Perrier's water is naturally sparkling and comes from a spring in Vergeze, France. It is available in pink grapefruit, lemon, lime and plain flavors. Mountain Valley Spring Water is bottled in the hills of Arkansas and is believed to have medicinal properties as a result of its naturally high pH. Volvic is bottled from the Clairvic Spring in a dormant volcanic region in France. Nestle Pure Life is the most popular of Nestle's 64 different water brands. It is a purified water that has been carbon filtered, demineralized and disinfected. Hildon Natural Mineral Water is the most prestigious of the UK's waters. It is naturally filtered through the chalk hills of Hampshire and requires no chemical treatment before bottling.

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