What Are the Top Rated Brands for Lactose-Free Greek Yogurt?

So Delicious almond milk plain greek yogurt received a top rating from GoodGuide.com in a 2015 review of 91 dairy-free yogurt brands. The product received an overall rating of 7.6 out of a possible 10. In addition to plain, the yogurt is available in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and blueberry.

So Delicious plain greek yogurt received a perfect score of 10 for health benefits to the consumer. GoodGuide uses a ratio of beneficial to harmful ingredients in determining a score. The company's environmental policies are also taken into consideration when establishing an overall rating. So Delicious received a 7.5 in this category. The company scored lowest in management policies, worker diversity and community involvement, receiving a 5.3 rating, which was high enough to place it into the top 50 percent of companies rated by GoodGuide. Liberte Plain 0% lactose-free and Green Valley Organics lactose-free plain greek yogurt were also recommended by GreekYogurtParadise.com.