What Are Some Top Products of the Collin Street Bakery?


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Top products of the Collin Street Bakery include fruitcakes, pecan cakes, cheesecakes, cakes and pies. The bakery's fruitcakes are particularly famous, as they are baked using the original recipe used when the store was founded in 1896 by German immigrant August "Gus" Weidmann.

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Weidmann's fruitcakes and pecan cakes became so popular that they drew the attention of celebrities such as Enrico Caruso, Will Rogers, John J. McGraw, Jim Corbett and John Ringling. Ringling, the leader of a popular circus troupe, requested that Weidmann ship his cakes to family and friends throughout Europe. Weidmann complied, and as of 2015, the bakery ships its wares to 196 countries.

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