What Are the Top 100 Ice Cream Flavors?

top-100-ice-cream-flavors Credit: jen/CC-BY 2.0

As of 2015, vanilla is the best-selling flavor of ice cream and accounts for almost thirty percent of sales, states The Food Channel. Chocolate is the runner-up at 9 percent, and butter-pecan and strawberry are tied for third and fourth place at 5.3 percent of sales each.

The other flavors on The Food Channel's list of the top 15 flavors of ice cream are neopolitan, chocolate chip, French vanilla, cookies and cream, vanilla fudge ripple, praline pecan and cherry. Chocolate almond comes in at number 12, followed by coffee, rocky road, and chocolate marshmallow.

However, if the variations of vanilla are combined, the total amount of vanilla ice cream sales increases even more. The Food Channel notes that French vanilla accounts for 3.8 percent, and vanilla fudge ripple accounts for 2.6 percent, increasing the total of vanilla ice-cream to about 35 percent.

Similar studies of ice cream sales yield the same results, that vanilla is the most popular flavor. The NPD Group's National Eating Trend Services survey showed vanilla represents 30 percent of ice cream sales.

Countryliving.com reports that a survey of major ice cream makers in the U.S., including Ben and Jerry's, Edy's, Dreyer's and Haagen-Dazs, revealed that vanilla outsold every other flavor.