What Are Some Tips for Using Marzipan in Cake Decorating?


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Some tips for using marzipan in cake decorating are to ensure that the marzipan is stored in an airtight container and to shape, colour and glaze the marzipan before applying it to the cake. Marzipan is a sweet almond paste with a dough-like texture that is well-suited to creating three-dimensional cake decorations.

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Marzipan tends to dry out quickly when exposed to air. It may also become brittle if exposed to moisture. Because of these qualities, it is important to keep marzipan in an air-sealed, dry storage container until immediately prior to use.

PassionateAboutBaking.com recommends using marzipan bit by bit, working with a small amount while leaving the remainder of the marzipan in a container. For example, if a baker is creating marzipan flowers for a cake, she should make one flower at a time, then apply the flower to the cake before taking more marzipan.

MarzipanWorld.com notes that the marzipan should be stored in a cool, dry place but should not be refrigerated or frozen. Marzipan should be used within four months of making. After four months, even sealed marzipan may begin to harden. This older marzipan is still edible, but it may be difficult to work with for decorative purposes.

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