What Are Some Tips for Serving Food?


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Those who serve food professionally or just at their own events should always present themselves in a warm but professional fashion. The key to food service is to treat the diner very well and put his needs first. Specific actions which let the diner put trust in his server include providing drinks immediately and refilling them regularly, having a pristine and clean appearance, and never refusing a diner's request.

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It's crucial for a food server to know all the details about the food being served; people who have food allergies or follow special diets need this information to make wise choices while eating. Based on this knowledge, a good food server makes recommendations to diners after ascertaining what dishes they might enjoy. Food servers should never be patronizing or condescending to diners, but they should assume the diners are familiar with food and know what they want.

Food servers should never remove items from the dining table without first asking the diners' permission. They should also never interrupt a conversation in progress at the dining table. On the other hand, servers should never ignore diners who are seeking their attention. Food servers should keep their attention on the tables they are serving, and not stop to chat with other servers or answer their phones.

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