What Are Some Tips for Pureeing Food for the Elderly?


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Some tips for pureeing food for the elderly include chopping solid foods before pureeing them and avoiding foods that do not puree well, such as nuts and seeds. Add extra butter or margarine to low-calorie pureed foods to ensure that elderly people get enough calories.

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To puree food for the elderly, first cut or chop solid food such as chicken or beef into small pieces. Add a liquid to the food processor or blender, such as milk, broth, water or juice, then puree until smooth.

Use yogurt to help puree casserole, as this provides the elderly with an excellent source of protein. Add honey and jelly to pureed mixtures to enhance flavor. Avoid stringy foods such as celery and onions, as well as foods that have a tough skin including corn, peas and dried beans. Use a commercial thickener such as Thick It or NutraThik to improve the texture of the pureed food.

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