What Are Some Tips for Mixing a Mimosa?


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To make the perfect mimosa, use quality ingredients, mix the right ratio of the ingredients, and keep the ingredients chilled. Being creative also helps in mixing a perfect mimosa.

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Choose a dry sparkling wine, not a sweet wine. Go for high-quality wine such cava from Spain or a dry prosecco. If possible, use freshly squeezed juice from quality oranges. Fresh juice feels a little lighter, is brighter in color, delicate and more nutritious. If using packaged juice, avoid the juices from concentrate, because they are bitter.

Chill the orange juice for a few hours before use. Avoid chilling for too long to prevent the juice from acquiring a bitterness.Three parts Champagne to one part orange juice is the perfect ratio for mixing a mimosa. Mix the chilled ingredients just before serving, to ensure maximum sparkle. Always pour the juice first and slowly add the sparkling wine, to prevent foaming at the top of the glass. Do not stir, as this causes the wine to lose its effervescence.

Serve the mimosa chilled, and place it in a refrigerator in between subsequent servings. There are many variations to a mimosa, so embrace creativity, and experiment by adding a few extra ingredients, such as fruits. Substitute grapefruit and pineapple juice for the orange juice.

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