What Are Some Tips for Making a Good Chili Recipe That Can Feed 50 People?

Using proven and tested large-batch chili recipes, cooking the chili in multiple large pots, and using canned beans are tips worth remembering when making chili for a large number of people. Browning the meat and simmering the chili for hours are useful tips as well.

Devising large-batch recipes is not as simple as multiplying the measurements of a small recipe. Consequently, adhering to large-batch recipes that other cooks have already prepared and tweaked helps to avoid potential recipe disasters.

Large-batch chili recipes are available at EllensKitchen.com and MyRecipes.com. The latter includes recipes from chef-members and food writers for Southern Living, Cooking Light and Real Simple magazines.

When cooking the chili, dividing the mixture between several large pots helps to cook the entire quantity evenly. Canned beans are a quick and easy way to add any amount of fully cooked, flavorful legumes to several large pots of chili.

In addition to simmering chili for hours, storing large batches for several days before serving allows the chili to draw out all of its flavors. Seasoning the chili early on in the cooking process lets the flavors mingle and develop. Lightly sauteing or caramelizing raw vegetables after browning the meat contributes greater depth of flavor to any size batch of chili. This is especially true when making a large amount of vegetarian chili.