What Are Some Tips for Making Delicious Coffee Cake?


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The secret to a great coffee cake is a moist base and a crunchy, sweet topping. You can choose any recipe, but ensure your ingredients include a fatty liquid such as milk or oil folded into the dry ingredients and that your toppings are crunchy and sweet.

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To ensure that your batter stays moist, choose a recipe that incorporates a high volume of fat, using ingredients such as buttermilk, butter or oil. The best way to incorporate these into your batter is to cut the fat into the dry ingredients through a folding technique, which uses a small spatula or spoon to "fold" the ingredients together.

A topping of chopped nuts and fruits mixed with sugars and cinnamon gives the coffee cake a sweet finish. Coffee cake can fit many different individual tastes and preferences due to its flexible topping choices, and can include a wide variety of ingredients such as blueberries, pecans, almonds, apricots, apples, peaches, blackberries, or bananas.

To top off your coffee cake, you may want to include a glaze; make a simple glaze by combining brown sugar, vanilla and water. Serve coffee cake warm from the oven with your choice of ice cream or warm beverages.

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