What Are Some Tips and Hints From Publix for Preparing a Turkey?

What Are Some Tips and Hints From Publix for Preparing a Turkey?

When preparing a turkey for roasting, Publix suggests pulling the skin on the turkey’s neck onto the back and securing with it with metal skewers. Keeping the breast side up in your roasting pan, secure the legs with cotton kitchen string. Publix also suggests twisting the wing tips under the back of the turkey; this not only looks neater once the turkey is cooked, but it prevent the tips from browning too much.

Publix also notes the importance of properly thawing your turkey. In its original wrapping, place the turkey in the refrigerator on small tray. Publix advises allotting 24 hours for every 4 to 5 pounds. To determine that the turkey is thawed and ready for roasting, check to see that no ice crystals remain. For proper food safety, never thaw the turkey at room temperature.

After thawing, unwrap the turkey from the bag, and remove the giblets and neck. To make this part of the preparation easier, Publix suggests releasing a clamp or band of skin around the legs.

Before you begin preparing your turkey, Publix suggests assembling any tools or equipment you need, including oven mitts and a meat thermometer. Other helpful tools include cotton kitchen string, small skewers, a basting brush and aluminum foil.

When choosing a roasting pan, Publix recommends a pan that is about 2 inches deep and has a rack so that turkey is held above the drippings to allow heat to circulate around the entire turkey. A broiler pan can also be used with the addition of a rack in the bottom.