What Are Some Tips for Grilling Pork Chops?


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Prepare pork chops for grilling with a marinade, brine, rub or sauce to enhance the flavor and impart juiciness to the chops. Cook with direct or indirect heat according to the thickness of the chops to help ensure they are properly cooked and don't become burnt or dry.

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What Are Some Tips for Grilling Pork Chops?
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Begin with chops of a uniform thickness to keep grilling times consistent for each piece of meat. A marinade or brine can result in juicier pork chops since the salt draws some of the natural water content from the pork chop, allowing the meat to absorb flavorful liquids and oils. Make a simple brine from a mixture of salt and water with any desired flavoring agents, such as sugars, herbs, wines and spices. Allow the chops to soak in the brine or marinade up to a full day, or at least an hour, before cooking.

Cook thicker chops over direct heat. Use a combination of direct and indirect heat for medium pork chops. Cook thin pork chops over indirect heat to avoid a dry and tough finished product. Use a coating of breadcrumbs to seal in the moisture or create an aluminum foil tent around one or more pork chops to retain steam and aromas to help keep thin pork chops from burning quickly or drying out

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