What Are Some Tips for Grilling Baby Back Ribs?

What Are Some Tips for Grilling Baby Back Ribs?

Some tips for grilling baby back ribs include starting with the right rack of ribs, applying a good amount of seasoning, and marinating the ribs for a minimum of eight hours. Use a smoker for the ribs and cook at the right temperature for the best results.

Prepare the ribs by removing the membrane layer that covers the bone. Use a thin knife to lift the membrane, then get a good grip on it and pull it back.

The seasonings and marinade are another important part of prepping the ribs. For people not familiar with seasonings, using a good BBQ dry rub seasoning mix is a good option. Sprinkle about a tablespoon of the seasoning over the ribs. Let the rib marinate in this seasoning for eight hours or more. This lets the seasoning soak into the flesh of the ribs.

After marinating, season the ribs once more. If cooking on a charcoal grill, build the fire to one side of the grill and cook the ribs on the other side. This creates a long-cooking smoker for the ribs.

Cook the ribs until the internal temperature is about 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This should take four to five hours, depending on the cut.