What Are Some Tips for Freezing Green Peppers?

Freeze green peppers, as well as other varieties of sweet peppers, to use during winter months. Remove stems, seeds and membranes before freezing. Wash and dry peppers before cutting.

Choose ripe green peppers to freeze. Cut away any blemishes before preparing to freeze. After cleaning and removing stems from peppers, chop the peppers.

Dice, cut into strips, or cube peppers based on how the peppers are used in cooking. Sort pepper pieces according to cut so the peppers can be frozen based on future use.

Spread the cut peppers on cookie sheets in single layers. This keeps the peppers from freezing in a clump and makes it easier to remove only what is needed when cooking. Once the peppers pieces are frozen, place in freezer bags. Label each bag with type of pepper, type of cut and the date the pepper was frozen.