What Are Some Tips for Freezing Chives?


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The simplest freezing technique is to store chives in an airtight freezer bag after squeezing out all excess air; you can also chop the chives into 1/4-inch sections and layer them into an ice cube tray with a little water on top before freezing them. Another option is preserving the chives as a pesto by blending them with olive oil and freezing the mixture in airtight jars. Always wash chives before freezing them.

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Frozen chives are not as flavorful as fresh chives but retain more flavor than when dried. Frozen chives do not retain the same texture as fresh chives, so they are not recommended for use as garnishes. However, they are a good addition to stews and soups and can be added to these dishes directly from the freezer. Frozen chives also work well as an addition to salad dressing, although they may need to be thawed first.

When making chive pesto, you can add other ingredients such as garlic, grated cheese or nuts. You can store the pesto in an ice cube tray rather than a glass jar; wrap the tray tightly in plastic wrap so that it is airtight. Chive pesto makes a good spread for bread or crackers.

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