What Are Some Tips for Freezing Candy?


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Some tips for freezing candy include placing pan-shape candies in an airtight container and covering boxed chocolates with moisture-proof plastic wrap before freezing. Some candies, such as those with fruit, are not suitable for freezing. Other candies, such as hard candies, can last for up to one year at room temperature and do not need to be frozen before storing.

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Freezing candy is a popular method for storing candy for long periods of time, notes the National Confectioners Association. Freezing is especially convenient when needing to store large amounts of candy for the holidays. Candies, such as fudge, caramels, pralines and chocolate-covered candies freeze well. Truffles and toffee candies can be stored for up to two months in the freezer. However, caramels and other candies that absorb moisture should not be stored with creamier chocolate candies. Candies with nuts or fruits should not be frozen.

Fudge should be placed in an airtight freezer bag or a container before freezing to protect it from moisture. If it is already boxed, it can be wrapped and stored in the box in an airtight container.

Candy can be thawed by letting it stand for several hours. The candy should be warmed to room temperature before opening to prevent its surface form collecting moisture.

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