What Are Some Tips to Follow When Roasting a Pig?

Some tips for roasting a pig include planning ahead, cooking the pig at 250 degrees and coating the skin in oil. It is also important to have an assistant who can watch the pig and sound the alarm if there is a grease fire.

It is important to plan ahead when roasting a pig. Prep work takes about one day and the actual roasting often takes a full day. Preparations the day before the roast include building or cleaning the pit, picking up the pig, keeping it chilled, and preparing the brine or rub. To conserve time, brine the pig the day before by rubbing the pig with plenty of kosher salt.

Roasting a whole pig is difficult because different parts of the pig cook best at different temperatures. Therefore, it is best to cook the pig at a low heat for a long period of time. 250 degrees Fahrenheit is an adequate temperature. At this temperature, a 40-pound pig takes about three and a half hours while a pig of 200 pounds or more may take over 24 hours.

Another tip is to coat the whole pig in oil prior to cooking. This ensures that all areas of the skin, including the less fatty parts, are crispy.