What Are Some Tips for Finding Breakfast Spots While Traveling?

tips-finding-breakfast-spots-traveling Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images

Travelers can employ a number of techniques to find breakfast spots, including asking hotel employees for recommendations, consulting local guides, searching via computer or phone apps, and exploring nearby neighborhoods. With these tips, vacationers can discover unique and charming breakfast options while traveling.

Travelers looking for breakfast ideas may consider asking for recommendations from a hotel's front desk clerks or concierge services. Hotel employees often know an area well and can point vacationers toward both chain and independent options, often by supplying mapped directions. Some hotels also offer menus from local restaurants to aid vacationers in making selections.

Often available in hotel lobbies or online, local guides may contain restaurant listings. These guides, which typically highlight local businesses in a number of "best of" categories, usually include restaurant descriptions, hours and price guides.

Many computer and cellphone map apps include the option to search for local restaurants. This feature allows the traveler to view a selection of nearby restaurants, as well as receive directions.

Travelers may also choose to drive or walk around the area to look for possible breakfast spots. This option is especially promising in larger cities, where vacationers can often find a number of restaurants within walking distance. Visitors may wish to observe which restaurants local residents appear to favor, or ask locals for recommendations.