What Are Some Tips for Cooking White Rice?


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Tips for cooking white rice include rinsing the rice before cooking, using a water-to-rice ration of two-to-one, cooking over low heat and keeping the lid on the pot to. Fluff the cooked rice with a fork so it doesn't stick together, and cover with a towel until serving.

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Rinsing the grains of rice before cooking removes talc used in foreign mills and some starch, which reduces stickiness in the cooked rice. The common method of cooking rice involves using about twice as much water as rice and letting the rice cook until all the water absorbs. Leaving the lid on is crucial for the cooking process, as it keeps the steam in to help cook the grains. Low heat also helps the rice cook without scorching the pan. If the rice sits in the pan before serving, a towel draped over the pot absorbs remaining steam so the rice doesn't get sticky or gummy.

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