What Are Some Tips for Cooking a Tender Round Steak?


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It is best to cook a round steak slowly over a low heat in a covered pan, along with some kind of liquid, such as a can of tomatoes. Tenderizing the steak with a meat mallet before it is cooked can help ensure that it remains tender.

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While round steak is reasonably cheap, it is extremely lean and can sometimes turn out tough when it is grilled. Round steak may be braised, baked or slow-cooked. Braising takes up to 90 minutes, while baking may be slightly quicker. Both methods involve cooking the steak with tomatoes and other liquids to help keep it tender. Slow-cooking the steak in a slow cooker, such as a Crock-pot, is a similar technique to baking and braising, whereby the long cooking time works to break down the meat as much as possible.

It is still possible to grill round steak, using an acidic marinade made with vinegar or lemon juice that helps break down the meat. During grilling, turn the steak over only once, if possible. Once the steak is cooked, leave it to rest for around 10 minutes. This allows the juices to settle in the meat, helping to avoid a tough, dry steak.

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