What Are Some Tips for Cooking Pork Brisket?

When cooking pork brisket, use low heat, and cook the meat for a long time. Pork brisket contains fat and connective tissue, and a long, slow cooking period allows these tissues to break down, ensuring the meat is tender.

Choose meat marbled with fat, preferably with a layer of fat on one side. The fat helps stop the meat from drying out during cooking.

Season brisket with a dry rub, or combine water and spices to marinate the meat or inject it with a meat syringe. Flavors such as chili powder, lemon and garlic work well with pork.

Allow the grill to heat the pork indirectly, so it does not burn during its long cooking time. Smoke from hickory or apple chips adds a smoky flavor that complements the pork.

Once cooked, let the brisket rest for around 30 minutes before serving. This ensures the juices return to the center instead of spilling out when cutting the meat.