What Are Some Tips for Carving a Turkey?


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Before carving the turkey, let it stand at room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes so that the juices can absorb into the meat, says the Martha Stewart website. The turkey should then be transferred to a carving board.

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The turkey should be held with the hands, as a carving fork can pierce and tear the flesh. The drumsticks should be removed first; this is done by placing the knife against the thigh and cutting down to expose the leg's second joint. Apply pressure with the knife, then twist and cut to sever the drumstick. Next, the neck cavity should be sliced open in order to pull out the stuffing. Using a long-handled spoon helps make scooping the stuffing easier.

Cut the thigh meat next. To slice the breast meat, place the knife horizontally at the bottom curve of the bird's breast. Slice in towards the rib cage to create a guide cut. Cutting carefully, make a slice from the top down along the rib cage. Cutting vertically through the meat helps create medallion slices. Be sure to preserve some of the skin on each slice. Finally, remove the wings by inserting the knife at the wing joints and twisting.

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