What Are Some Tips for Canning Chicken?


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Chicken and other low-acid foods must be canned with a pressure cooker. To prepare the chicken for canning, remove bones and excess fat, and pack the meat in sterilized canning jars. Allow 1 1/4 inch headspace in each jar, and add salt to each jar if desired. Wipe the mouth of each jar with a clean, damp cloth, add a lid and ring, and process pint-sized jars for 75 minutes at 10 pounds pressure when using weighted gauge pressure cooker.

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Adjust the processing time as needed for your elevation. To prevent jar breakage during processing, place a rack on the bottom of the pressure cooker, and do not allow the sides of the jars to touch. Before opening the pressure cooker, turn the heat off, allow the pressure to reach zero, and wait for two minutes before opening the petcock or removing the weights.

Then, remove the jars carefully, and allow the jars to cool. After the jars cools, check the lids to ensure they are properly sealed. Discard or immediately use improperly sealed jars.

When packing drumsticks into jars, place several drumsticks with the meaty side down. Layer several additional drumsticks in the jar with the meaty side up to fully pack the jar. Remove air bubbles by sliding a knife or orange peeler around the inside of the jar. If desired, cook the chicken until it is two-thirds done before packing it into jars.

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