What Are Some Tips for Arranging Fruit Platters?


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Some tips for arranging fruit platters include choosing a theme for the platter and laying out each type of fruit in a separate group. Other tips include using fruits that are in season, cutting fruit into different shapes and slicing all fruit before arranging it.

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What Are Some Tips for Arranging Fruit Platters?
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Before planning your design, choose a look or theme that is appropriate for the event. For instance, a fruit platter for a children’s party can be arranged to look like a toy train. You can carve watermelons to resemble top hats, sailboats or flowers.

Arrange the platter so it is attractive to people who typically pass on fruit. The platter should make the statement that the host has fruit in abundance. Create the illusion that fruit is overflowing the platter by stacking a smaller plate on top and arranging the fruit to spill over the edge of the smaller plate. Preserve the flavor of individual fruits by grouping them together. To ensure you have the best-tasting fruit, choose fruit that is in season.

A good design relies on colors and shapes. For example, if the best fruit of the season is orange, yellow and red, choose a design or theme that highlights those colors. If the event is themed, choose fruits with appropriate colors. If using different shapes of fruit, you can arrange your platter to look like a jigsaw puzzle.

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