What Are Some Tips for Aging Steaks at Home?


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When dry aging steaks at home, buy a large cut of meat to dry age, and cut it into steaks after the aging is complete. Clean the refrigerator thoroughly to prevent the steak from contacting contaminants and mold. If possible, use a small dedicated fridge, such as a dorm fridge, to dry age meat, so you can easily control the humidity and prevent other foods from flavoring the beef.

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Keep the humidity level around 60 percent to dry age meat. If you must keep the beef in a fridge with other foods, place the meat in the crisper drawer. Make sure to wrap or tightly cover all foods in the fridge when dry aging beef. Otherwise, the fat on the beef can absorb the taste of other foods in the fridge. If you see dry white or pale green mold on the meat, remove it with a towel moistened with white vinegar, suggests Epicurious.

To dry age beef, rinse the meat in cold water, and pat it dry with paper towels. Wrap the meat in three layers of cheesecloth, and place it on a rack over a rimmed baking sheet. Dry age the meat for three to seven days. Each day, unwrap the meat and rewrap it in cheesecloth to prevent the cloth from sticking to the meat. Before cooking, trim away any dried meat or fat from the outside of the meat, and cut it into steaks.

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