How to Thicken Frosting Without Powdered Sugar?

thicken-frosting-powdered-sugar Credit: Nicolas McComber/E+/Getty Images

To thicken frosting without adding powdered sugar, make the recipe as directed, and add meringue powder to thicken it. Thickening frosting with meringue powder takes only a couple minutes and requires 1.5 tablespoons of meringue powder, 3 tablespoons of warm water and 2 cups of powdered sugar to make the initial frosting. Meringue powder is a baking enhancer made of sugar and egg white solids and is available at specialty stores.

  1. Measure the ingredients

    Use measuring spoons to accurately measure the powdered sugar and meringue powder in a mixing bowl. Mix the powdered sugar and meringue powder together.

  2. Mix in the water

    Use a mixer at slow speed to slowly mix the warm water with the powdered sugar and meringue powder in the bowl.

  3. Beat the frosting

    Switch the mixer to medium speed. Beat the ingredients in the bowl until stiff peaks form, meaning the frosting holds its shape. Scrape the sides with a spatula at regular intervals.

  4. Thicken with meringue powder

    After beating the frosting for 10 minutes, check for stiff peaks. If they have not formed yet, more meringue powder is required. Add 1/8 teaspoon of meringue powder, and mix at medium speed. Repeat this step until stiff peaks form.