What Are Some Themed Luncheon Ideas?


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Some themed luncheon ideas include holiday themes, cultural themes and themes based on awareness causes. Holidays are popular ideas around which to base a meal, as many contain traditional foods to include in the spread. Thanksgiving luncheons can feature cranberries and potatoes as well as visual elements, such as pilgrims, and turkeys can be decorations as well as edible components.

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Other holiday themes include New Year's, Christmas and Easter, but yearly occasions, such as Valentine's Day or Groundhog Day, can suggest motifs as well. Irregular days popular in modern culture, such as Friday the 13th or the day of an eclipse, can be luncheon occasions too. Cultural themes allow a luncheon host to pull together foods that showcase an exotic palate, such as a sushi spread with Japanese decor. An ancient Greek theme can mix classic visual components, such as the Parthenon, togas and statues, with modern Mediterranean cuisine.

Luncheons can focus on themes that help raise awareness for important causes. For a breast cancer awareness luncheon, for example, pink ribbons can decorate cups and plates, and the host can deliver a speech before the meal discussing the merits of donating to the effort. Any charity can serve as the impetus to organize a luncheon to share the vital nature of its work.

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