What Are Some Theme Suggestions for Potlucks in the Workplace?


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Potluck themes for the office include selecting a letter of the alphabet, and having all participants bring a dish starting with that letter, choosing a city, country or region to inspire recipes and give secret ingredients to all employees, then have them create dishes using those items. Employers can also host educational potlucks, where employees learn to make sushi, pizza, pasta and more. In addition to food, complimentary beverage themes, like wine tastings, pair nicely with themed potlucks.

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What Are Some Theme Suggestions for Potlucks in the Workplace?
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When planning potlucks, using surprise elements like a random alphabet letter or mystery ingredients are fun ideas that ensure an eclectic combination of dishes. Employers might request dishes made using a certain spice, coconut or other culinary delicacy, such as bacon. Assigning a letter, like C, might yield dishes ranging from carrot cupcakes and cookies to casseroles and cheese platters.

Setting a time period, such as a certain decade, is another idea. For these potlucks, employers can request recipes from the early 1900s, mid-1900s or later. Employees might create Jell-O dishes from the 1950s or bring pizza bagels for 1980s potlucks.

Similarly, setting a theme for ethnic or regional cuisine is another potluck idea. Companies in the New York City area, for instance, might have Italian-themed potlucks. Employees can also bring classic foods from their own cities or countries of origin for a diverse culinary experience.

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