What Theme Cakes Does Wal-Mart Sell for Kid's Birthdays?


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For a child's birthday party, Wal-Mart's list of theme cakes includes princess, sports and construction cakes. Also available are cakes with sports, underwater and superhero themes.

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Wal-Mart's princess-themed cakes include edible images of individual Disney princesses and also larger ones that feature all the better known characters on a single cake. Cakes with a sports theme are popular with boys and slightly older girls. The cakes feature surface designs related to basketball, baseball, bowling, football and many other sports.

The construction-themed cake is a light brown chocolate cake decorated with a few construction toys and signs. Superheroes are popular with both genders, and cakes with individual superheroes are available. Groups such as the Avengers and Fantastic Four are popular at large birthday parties. Popular cartoons and movies such as "Cars," "Frozen," "Casper" and "The Care Bears"; fairy tale characters; and favorite images such as butterflies, dinosaurs and rainbows are some of the other common themes replicated on a child's Wal-Mart cake.

Cakes can be based on a festival such as Christmas or on a special milestone birthday. Cakes with encouragement themes and messages to celebrate victories, recovery from illness or just to make a child feel special are available. Cakes with three-dimensional decorations are available with themes such as farmyards, fairies and fun fairs.

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