How Do You Find a TGI Fridays That Is Located Nearby?

To find a TGI Friday's restaurant near you, go to, click on Find and enter your ZIP code. The website displays a map of TGI Friday's locations nearby, and you may choose a radius within five to 50 miles to narrow your search. As of March 2011, there are 992 TGI Friday's locations around the world.

TGI Friday's is often shortened to Friday's in countries outside the United States. The company headquarters are in Carrollton, Texas, and the chain focuses on casual dining with an emphasis on alcoholic beverages. Most Friday's have a propeller above or near the bar to remind employees that the bar "propels" the restaurant.

In 1965, Alan Stillman opened the first TGI Friday's restaurant in New York on the corner of 63rd Street and First Avenue. Stillman sold the chain to Carlson Companies in 1975. As of September 2015, most restaurant locations are owned by franchisees. The Country Inns & Suites by Carlson brand has also used the Friday's name for restaurants in their hotels.

The restaurants use red and white striped awnings and decor for branding. The company uses the same red and white striped scheme to identify a line of frozen foods, snack items and pre-mixed liquor drinks licensed and sold in grocery stores under the Friday's brand name.