How Does Tesco Deal With Complaints?

Tesco accepts customer complaints by phone or in writing. After receiving the complaint, the company attempts to resolve it immediately. If Tesco cannot resolve the complaint within four business days, it writes to the customer to acknowledge the complaint and inform him who is attempting to deal with the problem.

Tesco claims that the majority of its complaints can be handled within 10 business days. If complaints to Tesco have not been resolved within 10 business days, the company contacts the customer again to update him on the status of his ticket. The company also gives the customer an estimate of how long the resolution should take. If the complaint remains unresolved after 20 business days, Tesco contacts the customer again to update him on the status of the complaint, providing another estimate of how much longer it should take to resolve the complaint.

If the complaint still hasn't been resolved after 40 business days, Tesco sends a letter to the customer requesting more time to deal with the problem. If more than 40 days have passed since the complaint was made, customers may be eligible to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service to receive help with their complaints against Tesco.