What Is Teff Flour?

What Is Teff Flour?

Teff flour is made of ground teff, which is a small grain, about the size of a poppy seed, that predominantly grows in Eritrea and Ethiopia. Teff flour is naturally gluten free and is a rich source of calcium, fiber and vitamin C.

Eragrostis tef is part of the genus Eragrostis, which is also known as lovegrass. The individual grains are small, as they are less than 1 mm in diameter, which makes it difficult to grind into flour on home mills, so Teff is typically eaten in its whole form.

Teff features many health benefits for consumers, including a high calcium content of 123 mg of calcium per cup of cooked Teff. Teff is also high in resistant starch, which is known to promote colon health and benefit blood-sugar management.

Teff flour is traditionally fermented and used in Ethiopia to make injera, which is a sourdough bread with a spongy texture. In Ethiopian cuisine, the injera is used as an edible plate, and other foods are served atop and consumed with the injera bread. Ethiopian cuisine also traditionally uses Teff to produce alcoholic beverages as well as porridge.

Teff is a versatile and durable crop that can survive in drought conditions, as well as high and low altitudes, making it ideal for a number of climates and conditions.