What Are Some Tasty Recipes Using Boneless Chicken Breasts?


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Boneless chicken recipes are popular, and some of the most flavorful recipes include Parmesan chicken with Caesar-roasted romaine, prosciutto sage chicken and lemon chicken. Chicken is a very versatile meat that does well with lots of flavor and when boneless cooks fairly quickly.

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The Parmesan chicken calls for anchovies as a topping for the lettuce part of the recipe, but many people do not like this small flavorful addition in their food. Most Caesar recipes include the fish in the salad or the dressing, since it is used as a topping in this recipe, it could be left out without affecting the flavor of the fish or the overall recipe.

In Rachael Ray's prosciutto sage chicken, ham slices can be substituted for the Italian prosciutto. The recipe will not be quite as flavorful with the standard ham, but the chicken will taste just as good with the different types of pork. Make sure that the ham is sliced very thin for this recipe. The lemon chicken is one of the simplest recipes despite its longer cooking time. The lemon should be cut into slices and put around the chicken as it bakes, but this is not required if the cook does not have fresh lemon on hand and lemon concentrate can be used instead of fresh lemon juice.

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