What Are Some Tasty Items to Include on a Relish Tray?

A typical relish tray contains raw or pickled vegetables, such as bell pepper strips, cucumbers, carrots, peanut butter celery and olives. Other tasty items to include on a relish tray are diced onions, apples, pearl onions, jicama and spiced apple rings. Artichokes, radishes, canned fruits and grapes are also ideal.

Typically, a relish tray is a plate full of appetizers that is set out prior to a big meal, such as Easter lunch or Thanksgiving dinner. Finger foods that quickly whet the appetites of the guests are highly recommended. Relish trays are decorative and often come with different sections for different types of food. Some relish trays contain a dip in the center. Sour cream dips, such as French Onion and Ranch, are common. Hummus can also be used as a dip.

Popular relish tray items include celery sticks stuffed with soft or cream cheese, green olives filled with pimentos or blue cheese, pickled beets, pickled artichoke hearts and sliced radishes. Raw almonds, raw cauliflower florets, raw broccoli, whole garlic cloves, sweet gherkins and French butter are also well-liked. Relish trays may contain a specific theme, such as an all-Italian plate featuring roasted red peppers, spicy pepperoncini and marinated artichokes.