What Are Some Sweet Wines?

What Are Some Sweet Wines?

Types of sweet wines include vermouth, ice wine, port, dessert wines, Merlot and white zinfandel. Brachetto and lambrusco are both slightly sweet Italian wines that are often served with Italian entrées.

Ice wine, which is sweeter than other sweet wines, is made with raisin-type grapes that are harvested in the wintertime. One of the more pricey wines on the market, the drink, as its names implies, is often served chilled.

One wine that is sweeter than ice wine is vermouth. A kind of fortified wine, vermouth is served primarily as an aperitif, or is included in mixed drinks. Spices and herbs give the wine its distinct sweet and flavorful appeal. The wine is made from both red and white varietals and contains a higher amount of alcohol than other wines on the market.

Because of their later harvests, the grapes used for making sweet wine cause somewhat of a risk for harvesters and winemakers. Either mold or a late seasonal storm can affect the grape crop.

The calories in a red wine versus a white wine are not significantly different, nor are they based on the sugar content of the beverage. Rather, calories are measured by the amount of alcohol contained in the drink. Therefore, a sweet red wine with a higher alcohol content may contain more calories than another wine with a lower alcohol content.