Is Sushi Good for You?


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Sushi does have some healthy ingredients, such as the nori and fish, though it can have some unhealthy ingredients as well; for instance, soy sauce adds too much sodium to the dish.

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Nori, the dried seaweed that sushi is wrapped in, contains vitamins A, E, C and K, as well as fiber and protein. Nori also contains minerals such as iodine, zinc and calcium. Fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids.

The rice lands on both sides, as both white and brown rice have health benefits and detriments. Brown rice has more fiber than white rice, and it is slower to convert to sugar in the bloodstream. However, while brown rice is higher in selenium and manganese, white rice has more folate and thiamine. Also, some sushi is tempura-battered and fried, which adds carbohydrates and fat to the sushi.

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