What Is Surimi Seafood?


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Surimi seafood is seafood made from inexpensive fish which is ground up, flavored, textured, colored and shaped to resemble more expensive seafood such as crab, scallop, lobster, abalone or calamari. Some of the fish that are typically used to make surimi include Alaska pollock, Pacific whiting, milkfish, tilapia and shark.

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The most well-known surimi product is artificial crab meat, which was invented by Japanese company Sugiyo in 1973. Shaped like crab leg meat, the crab sticks used Alaska pollock as the main ingredient with egg white and wheat as fillers. Japan also makes various surimi products, such as kamaboko and fish sausages.

Many East Asian countries also traditionally make and consume surimi. In China, surimi is made into fish balls and thick soup. As of 2015, the world's largest surimi producers are the United States, Japan and Thailand.

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